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Common Hope

We built an entire one room house in just one day today. It was such a great day! The walls were already prem-made out of concrete sheet rock and wood. We put up all the walls, 2 windows and a door. Then we put on a roof made of tin. It´s not fancy by any means, but it is far better than what this family is living in currently. My favorite part of the day was hanging around with the 3 little girls who will be living in the house. I have enough Spanish that I was able to talk with them for quite a while. They are adorable! The family that will move into this house is made up of 8 children and 2 adults. They also have 4 dogs. They will all live/sleep in this one bedroom house that is about 15 feet by 10 feet. Wow! Once again, I realize how fortunate we are back in the States! The people here are so friendly and grateful for everything they have. The children are friendly and happy: smiling and curious. The children that I met were Ana (11), Wendy (9), Hector (12) and Sofia (7). They are learning English in school and showed me how they can count and say a few things like "What is your name? and "How are you?" and the days of the week.

Tomorrow we will be laying the foundation for another house out in a different village. We will also be working at Common Hope (the charity organization we are working with) to build the pre-made walls. On Friday, we will officially present the house we built to the family. I´m looking forward to the next couple days. I really enjoyed today alot! I may have to come back here and teach English or something. I love the kids. They are too cute!

Guatemala is really a special place. While many people live in such poverty, their culture is rich. Children run around and play. The lifestyle here is much slower than back in the US. People are not in such a hustle and bustle to get one place and another. I could get very used to this.

I´m spending this evening on my own, exploring around town, shopping for a few more things for people back home. I found a bagel shop that I am going to eat dinner and read for a while. Ahhhh, so relaxing! How will I ever get back into work next week? Conference week no less. It will be a challenge, but a worthwhile one. I heard more snow is coming. Wow, I´m missing all the blizzard fun back home. Oh well, I´ll get over it! Ha ha.
Take care.
Buenos Noches,

Posted by Kristinh 16:45

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Wow, sounds like you got the "service project" travel bug! Yes! Count me it! It makes for such a meaningful trip when you are able to connect with local people. I have a feeling you'll be flying high for a week after your return! That will get you through conference week just fine! I miss my playmate. come home! I tried to get outdoor time in before the snowstorm hits tomorrow. I have conferences and will have to drive home in the dangerous conditions. Casey, Henry, and I played at the tennis courts for about 30 minutes and went for a 50 minute walk. Casey got back to the house and took a nap. I'm sure if I said, "walk" right now, she'd come bolting off the couch. I'm training her to sit patiently at the door before entering and leaving. It's exciting...

by vbahr

Hey Sis, it's so neat that you got to meet the people that you were building the house for. It makes it so much more rewarding. It does make you think about how much we truly have in the US, but it also says something about the culture & the resilency of the people there....despite the fact that 10 people live in a one room house, they are happy, freindly and grateful for what they have. It's humbling. Glad you are getting some relaxation time....everyone deserves at least a little of it on a vacation :o)

by tbarlow

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